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This page describes the fields that are displayed on the database window.

Database Window - Fields


Press this button to add a new field or page to the list using the Field Attributes form.


Press this button to modify the highlighted entry using the Field Attributes form.


Press this button to delete the highlighted entry.

Use the arrow buttons to alter the order of the entries in the list.

The check-boxes in the list can be switched off to temporarily remove those items from the database window. In the example above, there are three tabbed pages defined; General, Manufacturing and Combination. On the General page the final three fields will not be displayed.


Press this button to test the database window. It will be displayed with all the configured fields, allowing you to check that it operates as required.

NOTE: Test mode should only be used to verify the position and functionality of controls within the form. Any automation scripts used while in Test mode may not work as expected and may produce side effects on any open drawings.

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