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Diemaker Project Variables

When using the Fixed Value options for Machines in the Dieboard, Rotary Dieboard, Blanker Frame, Blanker and Stripper Machine MTS, different fixed values can be replaced by a Project Variable; the actual value of the variable controlled on a case by case basis when the tool is run. Simply press the f(x) button where appropriate in the MTS and select the variable to be used.

Prior to the use of a tool with a setting using these variables, i.e. when the project is first created, the value(s) of the Project Variable(s) must be set. This could be done by an external (order handling) system via COM or simply by using any of the Impact Autotask functions, e.g. to read and set values from the database. The Project Variables do not exist in the project by default but must be created and set for each project as part of assigning them values.


The Project Variables that can be used are:


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