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Balancing Knives

Dieboard Settings - Balancing Knives

Create balancing knife geometry

Checking this option will add balancing knives to the dieboard.

Use the pulldown list to choose your preferred formula from Original (this is the same formula Impact has always used); Bobst SP 2019; Bobst SPO 2019.

Press the Configure button adjust the effect that each palette type has on the calculations.

The calculation for the Bobst SP 2019 can be found here and that for the Bobst SPO 2019 here.

Knife Palette

  • Use palette of longest cut type - the balancing knives will be created in the longest cut type entity in the current layer.
  • Use palette - from the pulldown list choose the palette for the balancing knife entities.


Specify here whether you want to create horizontal or vertical balancing knives.

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

Place into a new block

This option determines if the balancing knives are to be placed into a separate block.


Enter the block name for the balancing knives.

Special output block

This option determines if the balancing knives will be optimised with any one-up designs when output.

Create separate entities

This option determines if the knives are to be created as a single horizontal entity along the cut type extents or as separate entities of the specified Length.


Enter the required length of each balancing knife.

Min gap

Enter the minimum gap between knives.

Max gap

Enter the maximum gap between knives.


Back of die to first knife

Distance from the last cut/selected entity to the first balancing knife. 0mm will use the calculated dynamic distance between balancing knives as the initial offset.

Last knife to back edge

Distance from the back wood edge to the last balancing knife. 0mm will create no offset at all (not recommended).

Knife Options

Percentage of calculated

Enter the percentage created based upon the Bobst formula.

Check number of knives

If this option is switched on, the tool will pause allowing you to override the number of knives added, by changing the value on the edit bar.

Extend balancing knives to strip knives

Switch this option if balancing knives should be extended to go to the extents of the horizontal stripping knives. When this option is enabled the Strip Knife value in the Palette Type Weights table will be changed to 1.

Balance back edge only

If the design extents don't go beyond the mid-point of the dieboard in the Y-direction and this option is switched on then balancing knives will only be added to the back edge of the dieboard.

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