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Symbol Patterns

Dieboard Settings - Symbol Patterns

This page contains a list of Symbol Patterns which will be added during the operation of the dieboard tool. The columns give the name of the Symbol Pattern Master Tool Setting, the Placement method and whether or not Collision checking is enabled.


Press this button to add a new item to the list using the Pattern Attributes form.


Press this button to change the highlighted item using the Pattern Attributes form.


Press this button to delete the highlighted item.

Use the arrow buttons to alter the order of the items in the list.

Place into a new block

This option determines if the symbols are to be placed into a separate block.


Enter the block name for the symbols.

Special output block

This option determines if the symbols will be optimised with any one-up designs when output.

Place each symbol pattern into a new sub-block

This option determines if each pattern is to be placed in a sub-block of the parent block.

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