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Hatch Setup

The Hatch Setup form can be accessed either from the Master Tool Settings or from Draw - Hatch.


Specify a unique MTS name.


Enter an optional description for this setting.

Hatch Setup - Pattern

Choose the appropriate radio button depending on what sort of hatching you want.

  • Pattern - from the dropdown list choose the Name of the pre-defined pattern. Enter a Scale factor to apply to the pattern.
  • Single Line - this option gives a series of parallel lines at a given Angle and Offset spacing.
  • Double Line - this option gives two lots of parallel lines, perpendicular to each other, at a given Angle and Offset spacing.

The preview shows the hatch geometry at a scale determined by the current drawing (zoom in to the drawing to increase the viewing scale of the pattern).

Hatch Setup - General

Hatch Palette

If enabled, you can choose a specific Palette for the hatching, otherwise the current palette will be used.

Replicate Result

If enabled, any other identical holes in the drawing will also be hatched.

Add Boundary

The geometry on the periphery of the hole can be duplicated in the specified Palette (or in the current palette); this boundary is affected by the Offset Distance.

Block Name

The hatch geometry is created within a block; enter the name or leave blank to use the default block name.


You can specify an offset Distance to be applied to the hatching and the boundary, a Side (Inside or Outside) and whether to offset With Angled Corners (as opposed to rounding the offset corners).

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