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Import / Export Settings

This Master Tool Settings form is used to set up both Import and Export Settings for use with the Import 2D and Export 2D tools. The settings for importing and exporting 3D files are configured elsewhere.

There is also a Palette Mapping section that is used to establish a relationship between Impact palettes and the corresponding attributes in the other format (which may also be Impact palettes).

You can also set up a Symbol Mapping table, that is used when importing Impact files.

When adding a new Import / Export setting, if a single setting is currently selected, then the newly created one will be a copy of the selected one. However, if nothing is selected, or if multiple settings are selected, then the new setting will have all formats (both import and export) unchecked.

Available pages on this form are as follows:

> Import Settings
> Export Settings
> Palette Mapping
> Symbol Mapping

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