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General Import

This section refers to settings that apply regardless of the data format.

General Import


Create new project - This option will cause a new project to be created into which the drawing will be imported. Otherwise, it will be merged with the current drawing, if there is one.

Assign to customer - Optionally assign the imported drawing to an entry in the customer database. The pull-down list of customers will be enabled if the check-box is checked.


From the pull-down list, choose between:

  • Retain bridges - the bridge positions will be defined by the imported data (if the format supports bridges, such as with CFF2 and DDES formats).
  • Rebridge according to the new palette - the geometric entities will be assigned a palette, and the bridges will be generated according to the palette definition. 


The option Offset to compensate for side-bevel is no longer used. 


Explode Beziers to arcs - If the imported data contains Bezier curves, they will be approximated by arcs.

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