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Adobe Acrobat / Illustrator / Postscript

This section refers to settings that are specific to Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Postscript.

Adobe Acrobat Import

Create image from postscript

Check this option to create a graphic entity that is an image of the imported file, including all of the geometric data.


Enter the required resolution, in dots per inch, for the created graphic entity.


From the pulldown list choose one of the following:-

  • Monochrome (1-bit)
  • True Colour (24-bit)

This will cause the created graphic entity to be either monochrome or colour.

Use interpolation

This option specifies smoothing for the graphic entity.

Import Filled Areas

Check this option to import filled area objects from the drawing, rather than just vector images.


From the pulldown list select how the filled areas should be imported.

  • Path Only
  • Path and Fill
  • Fill Only

Import embedded images

Switch this option off to ignore embedded graphic images within a PDF file.

Specify maximum image resolution

Set the maximum required image resolution here. This can be used to limit the required amount of memory.

Multiple Pages

From the pulldown list specify how to treat PDF files with multiple pages.

  • Import first page only
  • Prompt for page(s) to import
  • Import all pages

A separate layer will be created for each page.

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