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This section refers to settings that are specific to the Common File Format (version 2).

CFF2 Import

Smart Match

This is a way of automatically choosing the Import/Export MTS when importing CFF2 files. There is an environment option (Environment Settings – Import/Export – Smart match customer CFF2 files) which needs to be switched on for this method to be used. After the CFF2 file has been identified, Impact will look through all of the Import/Export MTS entries. For each one that has a Smart match name Impact will then look through the first 100 lines of the CFF2 file for an instance of that name. If a match is found, then that MTS entry will be used to import the file, otherwise you will be prompted to choose the required MTS entry as normal.


Enter the required customer name to use for the Smart Match as described above.


Display header

If this option is checked then the header information, or order details, from the CFF2 file will be displayed in a message box, with the option for you to save them to a separate text file.

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