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This section refers to the settings that are specific to the Cimex (CimPACK) format.

Cimex Import


Do not include dot sections

CimPACK can contain sections whose name begins with a period or dot. These are used for things like the original die layout stored in a stripping board. The user doesn't generally see these, so they should normally be ignored. However, there may be occasions when these need to be imported to Impact, in which case this option should be disabled.

Flatten root blocks

The block structure in CimPACK is slightly different to that normally used in Impact. For example, if a drawing has 4 one-ups in the main layout then the CimPACK will have a top level block for the layer and this will include 4 block inserts. If you want the imported drawing to simply have the 4 one-ups inserted into the top level of Impact then this option should be enabled.

Construction entities to store original palette as secondary

When a CimPACK construction entity is encountered it will have its palette set to the drawing's construction palette. If you enable this option then the original CimPACK palette will be assigned to the entity's secondary palette.

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