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This section refers to the settings that are specific to both the CFF1 and CFF2 file formats.

CFF2 Export


CFF files can contain a header section, typically including order details. The description is contained in a file named “CF2_AUX.PAR” stored in the Impact Settings Folder.

Prompt for header information

Switch this option and you will to be prompted by the questions from the file described above. Answer the questions, and the questions and answers are stored in the header section of the exported file.

Keep all block scale values positive (for ArtPro compatibility)

The CFF specification allows for mirrored blocks and layer inserts to be exported by specifying a negative value for the scale factor. However, the ArtPro system does not support this feature, so it is necessary for Impact to mirror the geometry contained within the blocks or layers instead.

Switch this option on to enable this feature.

Decimal places for pointage

Enter the number of decimal places that should be output for pointage (rule width) values.

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