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Layout Machine/Sheet Settings

This form is opened either from the Master Tool Settings or from the Layout Creator tool (Layout Sheet Assistant form).

The Layout Machine/Sheet settings define the sheet information on which the layout will be produced. You can create as many machine/sheet settings as you wish; you can also create temporary machine/sheet settings local to the current project from the Layout Creator tool.


Enter the unique MTS name.


Enter an optional description for these settings.

Default Layer Name

If a new layer is created by the layout tool, then this name will be given to the new layer.

Layout Machine/Sheet Settings - Standard Sheet

Maximum/default sheet size


Enter the width of the sheet.


Enter the height of the sheet.

Standard trim


This is the left hand side margin.


This is the right hand side margin.

Back Edge

This is the margin to the back of the sheet.

Grip Edge

This is the margin to the front of the sheet.

Default sheet board type


From the pulldown list specify the flute/grain direction for the sheet; Horizontal, Vertical or None.

Layout Machine/Sheet Settings - Machine Limits

Minimum sheet size

Any created layouts will be checked against the minimum size.


Enter the required minimum width.


Enter the required minimum height.

Allow trim optimisation

Switch this option on if the trim sizes are to be automatically optimised. This will allow sheets to be run with reduced or no trim.

Standard diecutting area

The width and height are displayed, calculated from the Default sheet size and Trim values from the previous page.

Maximum diecutting area

Enter the required sizes, which must be between the Standard diecutting area and the Maximum sheet size.

Minimum grip edge

Enter the required size.

Round fitted sheet size

From the pulldown list choose the required option to define how the sheet size should be rounded:

  • None
  • Down to the nearest - Enter a value.
  • Up to the nearest - Enter a value.
  • To the nearest - Enter a value.

Layout Machine/Sheet Settings - Machine Type

Folding carton

Specify that these settings apply to folding carton machines.

Minimum caliper

Enter the minimum carton board width.

Maximum caliper

Enter the maximum carton board width.


Specify that these settings apply to corrugated machines.

Minimum caliper

Enter the minimum corrugated board width.

Maximum caliper

Enter the maximum corrugated board width.


Specify what machine type(s) these settings apply to:

  • Flatbed
  • Rotary


Sheets per hour

Enter the speed at which this machine can operate.

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