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Layout Report Settings

This form is opened from the Master Tool Settings.

The Layout Report Settings define a report that can be displayed in the Layout tool or after the layout is created.


Enter the unique MTS name.


Enter an optional description for these settings.

Individual pages split the report into different sections, these sections determine the contents of the report. A right-click context menu can be displayed to insert fields into each section of the report, as described below:

Insert Layout Field

This option displays a list of fields that are available within the current section.

Insert Field

This option displays a list of system text fields; these fields are available to all sections of the report

Insert Database Field

Select this option to insert text from a database table, in the format [TABLE_NAME.FIELD_NAME].

Examples are shown below for each of the pages.

Layout Report Settings - Design

Layout Report Settings - Sheet Start

Layout Report Settings - Sheet End

Layout Report Settings - Sheet Error

Layout Report Settings - Report Start

Layout Report Settings - Report End

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