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Line Style

You can use these settings to define your own dot-dash patterns, rather than using the pre-defined ones. These are used in a number of places, including in Palette Attributes, to determine how geometry is drawn on the screen, and in Plotter Machine Attributes - Post-Processors - Output (Output line styles) to determine how it is plotted.


Enter the unique MTS name.


Enter an optional description for this setting.

Line Style

This form allows you to specify the dot dash pattern using a table of Dots On and Dots Off pairs. Any number of pairs can be entered and the pattern is repeated for the length of the line. Press the Add button to add a new row to the table - the new row is added above the row in which the cursor is placed. Press the Delete button to remove the row in which the cursor is placed.

If the Line Style is to be used for plotting, specify the length of each dot.

An example at the bottom of the form shows you exactly what the line will look like as you are entering values. After modifying a value, simply move to a different field to redraw the example line. (The Colour chooser is provided to help you see the pattern clearly, it is ignored when the Line Style is used.)

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