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This section is used to configure how the machine is physically attached to your system. It also includes options to send special processing commands to IBH machines.


Machine Attributes - Communication

Output Device

Use the Output Device pulldown list to specify how the machine is attached to your system. The list shows all your serial ports, parallel ports and Windows printer queues.

Device Settings

If you select a serial port, you should use the Change button to set up the serial port. The settings are: baud rate, parity, data bits, stop bits, flow control. The current port settings are displayed in this field. If a windows printer is selected as the output device, this field will display Printer.

Delay Output to Port

Causes the plot operation to create a temporary file and only send the data to the plotter when all the data is ready. This option may be necessary if your device is likely to timeout while Impact is still processing the drawing.

Use IBH Protocol

If this protocol is to be used, the plot operation performs some special processing after sending a $ command, because the IBH controller responds to this command.

Timeout (secs)

After sending the $ command, the plot operation waits for the controller to respond. If there is no response within this time (specified in seconds), then the $ command is sent again.

Pause (secs)

After sending the $ command and receiving an OK from the controller, the plot operation waits for this period (specified in seconds) before continuing, allowing the IBH time to process the command.

Number of Retries

The maximum number of times to send a $ command - if there is still no response from the controller, then the plot operation is aborted.

M30 Action

This section specifies how the IBH controller reacts to an M30 command:

Read reply & action - the controller replies to an M30 command the same as a $ command, so the plot operation processes it as such.

Read reply & ignore - the controller replies to an M30 command but the reply is meaningless, so the plot operation ignores it.

Don't read anything - the controller does not reply to an M30.

ETX Character

This is the ASCII value of the "end of transmission" character to be appended to an M30 or an M02 command.

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