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Line Numbering

Some machines require each line of output code to have a unique line number prefixing it. If you wish to have line numbers included in the output data, select this option.


Machine Attributes - Line Numbering

Line numbering will not be output to Before Output and Main Programme Header Format sections in the plotter machine configuration. The first line number will commence at Main Programme Message if used or the Start Main section of the special output if messages are not used. Line numbering will also not be output to the After Output section of the special output.

In general, drivers that output a block structure are capable of supporting line numbering, such as:

  • Bosch CC100 Laser
  • Boxplan Pinsetter
  • Compumotor Water Jet
  • Custom Driver
  • General Counter
  • General Laser
  • Heidenhain Engraver
  • IBH Laser
  • IBH Plotter
  • MarbaSet
  • mruleset

The options are:

Prefix Line Numbers

A string output directly before the number.

First Line Number

The number used to start line numbering. If the option Restart for each subroutine is selected, this value will also be used for subroutines.

Line Number Increment

Each successive line number will be incremented by this value.

Maximum Line Number

When this number is reached, the line numbers go back to the first line number.

Number of Digits

This setting selects the number of digits used for line numbering. If a value greater than one is entered then leading zeros will be added to the line number as required. For example, if three digits are selected, line number 1 will be displayed as 001.

Restart for Each Subroutine

For every sub-program, the line numbers revert to the first line number.

Line Numbering Example - If your prefix is "N", the increment is 2 and the number of digits is zero or 1, your output might be like:


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