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HPGL Driver Settings

Machine Attributes - HPGL Settings

All HPGL machines have a default operating mode. This mode can be overridden by selecting the options available in the HPGL Driver Settings.

The HPGL Driver Settings page can only be configured if the HPGL driver is selected from the General page of the plotter machine.

Line / Arc Commands

Line Command

Normally, this can be left blank, but for some machines it must be PA (plot absolute). To draw a line, the plot operation outputs the tool on command followed by the line command. Again, this could be either PD or PDPA depending on the machine. To perform a move, the plot operation outputs the tool off command followed by the line command. Normally this would just be PU but some machines require PUPA. For these machines, you should set the line command to be PA instead of leaving it blank.

Arc Command

Normally, this is AA (arc absolute). To draw an arc, the plot operation outputs the tool on command followed by the arc command. The arc command is always required.

Arc Resolution

HPGL plotters approximate an arc with line segments. This value controls the sweep of each line segment; therefore the smaller the angle, the more line segments are used. If you leave this value as zero then the device uses the default angle (usually 5 degrees).

Coordinate System

Absolute Input or Relative Input

By default, Impact outputs HPGL in absolute coordinates. Using relative mode does not send a relative command, but calculates the output geometry in relative instead of absolute coordinates.

HPGL Options

PU and PD are Modal

PU and PD commands will be suppressed if it is the same value as in the previous set of coordinates.

Ignore ‘Tool on’ command for arcs

The PD command would normally be entered in the plot machine's Tool on command. This string is then output with both lines & arcs. This option allows them to ignore the Tool on command when plotting arcs. This is necessary for some Zund sample makers.

Angled Tool Options

Minimum Angle for Backsteps and Overcuts

This option is specific to the Zund Mount-Maker tool head. For a very acute angle, an overcut and backstep does not need to be calculated. This value specifies the tolerance angle when Impact should not consider the backstep and overcut.

When two lines meet, adjustments need to be made to overcut the lines by a calculated amount so that the angled blade can cut a precise corner correctly. The first line is the overcut and the second line is the backstep.

Tool Changing

Force empty move after tool change

This option forces an empty move to be made whenever a tool is changed.

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