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Profile Chamfer

This page defines some default parameters for the profile cut-out tool.

Make Ready Settings - Profile Chamfer

Normal Chamfer Profile

External - from the pulldown list choose the palette for the external matrix profile.

Internal - from the pulldown list choose the palette for any internal matrix profiles.

Profile Chamfer Tool - these values will be used to calculate the profile tool width as shown in the final view with tool paths only.

Base tool diameter - this is the diameter of the tool at the tip.

Chamfer tool angle - this is the angle of the tool, as shown in the diagram below.

Override chamfer width - switch this option on if you want to manually override the chamfer width calculated from the diameter and angle.

Effective chamfer width - having selected the above option you can enter the override value here.

Automatic Cut Line Relief

Keep away distance from cut - distance to offset any cut entities that clash with the external profile ensuring the external matrix profile doesn't clash with any cutting rules.

Crease end clearance - this allows the matrix profile to extend beyond the crease ends allowing for profile tool width reducing any crease ends.

Width - allowance parallel to the crease.

End distance - offset applied to end of the crease.

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