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Internal Profiling

Internal Profiling

Automatic internal profiling - determines if any internal cut entities will be cut-out.

Profile distance from cut - offset distance from any cut entities that do not fall within the crease mask area.

Crease mask - allowances made for any crease entities. Where any internal cut offset falls within the crease mask area, the matrix will be profiled around the crease mask.

Crease distance - parallel offset from a crease entity.

End distance - shoulder width perpendicular to the crease entity.

Taper angle - angle from the shoulder to the crease mask.

Minimum cut clearance - where any cut offsets fall within a mask area, the cut offset will be set to this value.

Crease end cut clearance - cut entities that cross or intersect with crease entities will be profiled by this allowance.

Cut clearance

Internal cut crease - distance any internal crease entities along a cut/crease path will be shortened.

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