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Extended Chamfer

Extended Chamfer

Automatic Extended Chamfer - determines if the tool will create the extended chamfer geometry.

Extended Chamfer Palette

External - from the pulldown list choose the palette for the external extended chamfer.

Internal - from the pulldown list choose the palette for any internal extended chamfer.

Extended chamfer tool - these values are used to calculate the parallel offset from crease entities to the extended chamfer.

Safe distance from crease channel - allowance distance from the edge the crease channel to the edge of the extended chamfer.

The offset from the centre of the crease to the centre of the extended chamfer is calculated by: (Channel width/2) + (Effective chamfer width/2) + Safe distance from the crease channel.

Tapered Ends - Switch this option on to use tapered, rather than square, ends around the crease entity.

Maximum distance from crease - See the above diagram.

End Taper Angle  - See the above diagram.

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