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Material - General

Material Settings


From the pulldown list choose the required material type:


Alternatively you can enter a material type of your own choice.

Base Material

From the pulldown tree list choose the existing Material MTS to be used as a base for this one.


Material - Variables

The material variables for this material are displayed here, within groups.

These are configured via the right-click context menu:


Use this option to add a group of variables to this material. The menu will look something like this:

In the example above the Corrugated group has several sub-groups (displayed), as does the Folding Carton group. Select the required group and it will be added to the table. Alternatively, you can select Missing Groups, and all variable groups that are not already in this material will be added. 

Add New...

Use this option to add a new material variable using the Material Variable form.

Edit Value

Use this option to edit the value of the variable in the right hand column of the table.


Use this option to check all variables are still in the current group and add any missing ones to the group. This option is only available when you right-click on a group rather than a variable.

Update All

Use this option to check all variables are still in all groups and add any missing ones to each of the groups.


Select a number of variables in the list and use this option to remove them from the list.

Delete all

Use this option to remove all variables from the list.

Copy From...

Use this option to copy one or more variable groups from another material. This is done using the Copy From Material form.

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