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Material Variable

Each unique variable used in any material must first be created in the Master Tools Settings, in Standards/Material Variables. This is because each variable must have its name, prompt, default, minimum and maximum values specified before the variable can be used in a material.

When a variable is used in a material, just its name and value is stored. All other information is retrieved from the material variable. This means changes made to material variables MTS are immediately reflected in all materials.

Material Variable


Enter the unique MTS name.


Enter an optional prompt that will be used when displaying this material variable.


Material variables can be grouped logically together; it is possible to separate multiple group levels using '|', for instance 'Glue Flap|Tapered' or 'Glue Flap|Extended'


This section determines the type and value of a variable.


From the pulldown list choose the type of the material variable. See Variable Types for details.

Default Value

Enter the default value of the variable when it is added to a material.

Min Value

Enter the minimum value allowed for this material variable.

Max Value

Enter the maximum value allowed for this material variable.

TIP: If both the Min Value and Max Value are equal, then no range checking will be applied

Use Dual Units

Switch this option on if Dual units are permitted for this material variable.

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