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Report Page - Layer Matching

Layer Matching

Best fit

From the drop-down list choose NoneClockwiseAnti-ClockwiseMatch Flute/Grain Clockwise or Match Flute/Grain Anti-Clockwise.


From the drop-down list choose As actual, As viewed, Print-face or Die-face. (N.B. These options depend on the Terminology selected in the Database Operation Settings.

Define how to treat layers that match multiple rules.

  • Use the first layer that matches the rules in order
  • Use all layers that match each rule

Reuse layers matched to this area in other areas

Switch this option on if required. If a layer found to match this area also matches in a different area then that layer can be output in each layer.

If there are no matching layers, make area invisible

This option could be used to make an area invisible, so it can still be assigned a layer to extract linked database values etc. from but not display any geometry.

Specify layers to match to this Report Drawing Area.


Press this button to add a new layer to the list.


Press this button to change the settings of the highlighted entry.


Press this button to delete the highlighted entry.

 Use the arrow buttons to alter the order of the list entries.

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