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Rotary Bridge Setup

Rotary Bridge Setup


Enter the unique MTS name.


Enter the description for this setting.

Bridge Mode

From the drop-down list select one of the following modes:-

  • 1-2-1 method
  • Equally spaced
  • Spaced on teeth

This defines the initial positions for the bridges.


A symbol can be added at either end of the path of entities that represents the rotary rule.


Use the symbol selector to choose the required symbol.

Symbols at Path Ends

Switch this option on to add the symbols to the ends of the path.


Tooth Pitch

Enter the distance between adjacent teeth on the rotary rule.

Max Length with No Bridges

Enter the value that defines the bridge spacing limit. This is only relevant for the 1-2-1 and Equally spaced bridge modes.

Spaced on Teeth

These options are only relevant for the Spaced on teeth bridge mode.

Minimum Gap

Enter the minimum distance that is allowed between the end of the path and the final bridge.

Tooth Separation

Enter the number of teeth required between each bridge.

Standard Bridge

These values refer to normal bridges.


Enter the required default bridge width.

Maximum Length

Enter the maximum length allowed between successive bridges.

Tie Bridge

These values refer to tie bridges.


Enter the required default tie-bridge width.

Maximum Length

Enter the maximum entity length on which a tie bridge can be added.

Spanish Bridges

Select this option if the path should have a Spanish Bridge added at either end.


Enter the required Spanish bridge width.

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