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Rotary Dieboard Machine

This page defines the cylinder parameters and the default position of the shells on the cylinder.

Cylinder length - the length of the cylinder.

Inside diameter - diameter of the cylinder (and inner diameter of the shells).

Knife height - the height of the cutting rule.

Cutting depth - cutting depth which calculates the print repeat diameter.

Wood thickness - shell thickness.

Cylinder stop - width of the stop bar, if applicable for this cylinder.

Print repeat - this is the circumference of the rotary cylinder at the shell radius. You can enter this value and the Inside diameter so that Impact can calculate the knife height for you.

Effective shell radius - this value is calculated automatically from the (Inside diameter/2)+Knife height-Cutting depth. 

This can be overridden and this value can be used for some laser drivers.

The true calculated value (greyed out) is used for the cylinder diameter and for the print repeat which is used to calculate the linear distance around the cylinder of any bolt symbol patterns created using radial values.

Effective stop - calculated width of the stop bar at print repeat.

Cylinder positioning - horizontal position of the cylinder relative to the design.

Centre on design extents - based on the cut or selected extents.

Centre on centre crease - positions the centre line of the cylinder on the centre crease.

Centre wood on centre crease too - if enabled the shells will be centred on the centre crease.

From first crease  - the distance from the left side of the cylinder to the first detected crease on the left.

Wood too - the distance from the left side of the shell to the first crease.

Dieboard positioning - relates to the position of the shells around the cylinder (in the Y-direction).

Against stop (at the top) - dieboard is placed the stop distance away from the cylinder extents.

Centre on cylinder - dieboard is placed centrally on the cylinder. Although the stop offset is used, it needs to be zero for the true centre to be used.

Against stop (at the bottom) - dieboard is placed the stop distance away from the bottom of the cylinder extents.

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