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Rotary Dieboard Symbol Patterns

This page defines any symbols (standard parts) that can be positioned automatically or manually placed by the user.

There are four available tabs that have a similar layout.

Wood - symbol patterns placed relative to the complete wood extents of the rotary dieboard or relative to the design extents.

Split - any symbol patterns placed relative to a single horizontal split line.

If there is more than one split line the pattern will be placed relative to the first split line offset from the bottom of the wood extents. If there are no horizontal split lines the pattern will be placed relative to the centre of the design extents.

Shells - any symbol patterns placed relative to each shell, such as hand holes or direction symbols.

If a pattern is placed using automatic placement then these will be added in the same position on each shell. If a pattern is to be placed manually then the user should place the pattern in the lower left shell and these symbol placements will be replicated to all the other shells.

Cylinder - any symbol patterns that are relative to the cylinder, such as the bolt pattern.

If the Rotary Mount Holes option Use as a pattern for mount holes is switched on for a symbol pattern, then that symbol pattern should have the option Delete pattern when tool finishes switched on.


Opens the Pattern attributes form to add a new symbol pattern.


Opens the Pattern attributes form to change any parameters of the selected pattern.


Deletes the current selected pattern.


Changes the order that the patterns will be loaded by the rotary dieboard tool.


Copies the highlighted pattern to the chosen section.

Mount holes

Available for any patterns placed relative to the cylinder. The pattern(s) that represent any mounting systems should be marked as mount holes as these can then be displayed on the cylinder allowing toggling of which bolts are required. This option will open the Rotary Mount Holes form.

Place into a new block

If this option is checked all symbols will be created in a block of the specified Name.

Special output block

If the symbols are placed in a block, then if this option is checked the symbols will be optimised with any one-up designs when output.

Place each symbol pattern into a new sub-block

Determines if each pattern is placed in a sub-block of the parent block.

Drill holes

Will open the Rotary Drill Holes form.

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