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Rotary Mount Holes

This form is called from the Rotary Dieboard Setup Wizard - Symbol Patterns page. It is used when the symbol pattern represents the available mounting bolt hole locations on the cylinder.

Rotary Mount Holes

Use as a pattern for mount holes

If this option is switched on then Impact will use the associated symbol pattern as a template for the bolt holes, copying a sub-set of the symbols through to the finished dieboard for mounting it to the cylinder.

Place none 

Will not automatically select any mounting holes allowing the user to manually select the ones they need to be added to the shells.

Place all

Will place all the mounting holes on the shells; the user can then turn off any they don't require.

Rectangular grid

Allows you to select a default grid pattern of mounting holes to be placed on the shells.

The Row spacing and Column spacing options allow you to specify the maximum number of locations you wish Impact to miss out when automatically selecting the bolt holes. So, for example, selecting a row spacing of 3 will tell Impact to place a bolt in every fourth location.

Avoiding Symbol

This option allows you to specify a particular symbol within the symbol pattern that should be avoided when selecting potential bolt hole locations. By choosing the same symbol as the Symbol for Check Boundary for Interference in the symbol pattern, and turning on collision checking, Impact will try to avoid placing bolt holes that collide.

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