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Rubber Sheet Setup

This form is opened from the Rubber Sheet Mappings form. It is used to define a sheet mapping.

Rubber sheet Setup - Sheet Settings

General Sheet Properties

Rubber Type

Enter a name for the rubber sheet.

Sheet Width

Enter the width of the sheet.

Sheet Height

Enter the height of the sheet.

Angular Sharpness

This is the minimum angle between two entities in a block to be nested. If an angle in the original geometry is less then the specified value, the angle will be changed to the minimum value in the nested block.

Sheet Margins

These values define the trim to be excluded from the nested area. Enter the four values.

Part Spacing

Protection Gap

Enter the distance between nested blocks.

Cutter Diameter

Enter the diameter of the tool to be used for cutting the nested blocks.


Rubber shet Setup - Palettes


From the palette list select the palettes to which the sheet size is to apply.

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