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Bend Tables


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Rule Preparation - Bend Tables

Bend Tables

When two entities join at an angle the resulting rule will be bent at the intersection point. Similarly, an arc rule is manufactured by bending a straight piece of rule. When bending a rule it is sometimes necessary to apply an adjustment to the rule length depending on the bend angle and the specified radius. Each bend point will have an associated bottom notch that will be used when accessing the bend table.

The bend table is configured as follows.


Press the Add button to add a new record to the bend table. Each record consists of two lines within the table. The first line gives the adjustment values for notches where Free-grind is disabled, the second where Free-grind is enabled.


Press the Delete button to delete the current record from the bend table.


Press the Clear button to remove all records from the bend table.


Press the Angles button to define the angle values in the column headers. The Bend Angles form is opened and the required values can be entered.

Adjustment values

The adjustment values are entered into the table as required. The radius to match is entered into the Radius column. The actual radius to be used should be entered into the Real Radius column.

Accessing the table

The required adjustment value and real radius are located in the specified bend table by matching the bend angle and the radius.

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