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Sausage Table

Sausage tables are used to display entities in such a way as to show how they would be cut with an appropriate tool on a CNC machine such as a router. The example below shows how an arc and a line might be displayed. After setting up the appropriate sausage tables you can choose which one to use from View - Visibility - Geometry Appearance and then you can toggle the visibility of them through the View - Visibility Toggles or the Impact Explorer - Visibility - Other attributes tab.


The table contains a list of palettes, each with an offset value representing the size of the tool used to cut that palette and an end type describing the shape.

Sausage Table


Press this button to add a new item to the list. This opens the Sausage Line form.


Press this button to alter the attributes of the highlighted table entry using the Sausage Line form.


Press this button to remove the highlighted entry from the table.

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