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Standards Designer - Variable Tab



Enter the unique variable name.


Enter the prompt that will appear for this variable in the Standard Wizard. The wizard always appends the variable name when displayed in the wizard, unless a colon ':' is the last character in the prompt. If no prompt is supplied the wizard displays the variable name instead. You can use the Indent button  to position the prompt if required, by selecting a level from 0 to 4.


Enter an optional description for the variable. This is used as a tool tip in the Standard Wizard.


Switch this option off if this variable should never be visible in the Standard Wizard.

Read Only

Switch this option on to prevent the value of the variable being changed when running the Standard Wizard. This could be useful for displaying intermediate values to users.

Visibility Formula

You can enter a formula or use the Expression Builder -  form to determine whether or not this variable should be visible in the Standard Designer.

Variable Value


From the pulldown list choose the required variable type: Angle, Area, Boolean, Integer, Length, Real, String, Volume or Weight.


Enter an optional formula or use the Expression Builder -  to determine how the value of the variable should be calculated.

Use formula as default

A formula can be used to calculate the variable value but be intended only to be used as a default value. If the user changes the value then it will not be flagged as being overridden. When running the Standard Wizard and the user selects a new material these variables will not be automatically reset.

Default Value

Enter the default value of the variable when running the Standard Wizard for the first time.

Use dual units

Switch this option on if you wish to use dual units for this default value.

Result Rounding

Switch this option on if you want to round the resulting variable value. From the pulldown list choose Round up, Round down or Round to nearest. Values entered by users are rounded before being used in other formulae. Calculated values are rounded before being displayed to users but are used to their full precision in expressions. To round values in formulae use the Round function when specifying the expression.


Specify the rounding increment value.

Entry Fields

Min Value

Max Value

Enter optional minimum and maximum values for the variable. If the value falls outside this range then the user will be given a warning message.

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