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Standards Designer - Advanced Tab

Check Formulas

Either enter one or more formulae or use the Expression Builder - . These check expressions will be run after all the variable values in the standard have been calculated. Separate each expression with a semi-colon.

Standard Material

Material Type

The material type of the default material is displayed here.

Default Material

The default material is displayed here.

Allow user to choose another material type.

When running the Standard Wizard, the user is given a list of Materials to choose from. Normally these will only be of the same material type as the Default Material. If this option is switched on then all available materials will appear in the list, regardless of their type.

Material Check

Enter an expression or use the Expression Builder -  to create an expression that will check that the material is suitable for this standard.

Fail Message

Enter the message to display to the user if the material is not suitable.

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