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Strip Clip Override Dimensions

With Impact 2022, the previously hard-coded dimensions for the different components are now exposed in the Strip Clip Settings in Impact. For each Strip Clip entry in the Stripper System Settings, the one and same Override options will be available for editing, valid for all Strip Clip components throughout the current Stripper System Setting. Switching off the Override, saving the Stripper System Setting, will restore the default values.


Please refer to the Strip Clip documentation from Vossen Profitec GmbH for drawings of where these dimensions apply. All dimensions will have the Laser Offset applied if set in the Stripper – Machine MTS.

If the Override dimensions are changed, it’s recommended to also change the corresponding Female Component Symbol used for each clip to reflect the dimension change as not to have conflicting sizes of the actual cut-out and the component in the resulting Female drawing.

NOTE: These values should be adjusted in small increments only. If the dimensions no longer produce closed shapes, things will go wrong!

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