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Strip Clip - SR10

Stripper System - Breakers - Strip Clip - SR10

These settings define the shape and size of StripClip SR10 (strip rod separator) breaker restrictions.


This is the default value for the width of the restriction.


This is the default value for the depth of the restriction.

If materials have been defined, material specific overrides can be made for this value by clicking the  Material button.

Female symbol

This allows you to select a symbol to be inserted to show the female part.  This will insert a symbol that is intended as a visual aid.  The symbol is inserted relative to the default Depth offset.

Neighbour distance

This allows you to define a distance to insert a side clip either side of this part.

Side clip

From the pulldown list, select the side clip required; choose either a pair of StripClip SC10SC11SCL or SPC1 restrictions, the neighbour distance away from the breaker, or <None>.

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