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The Common tab is always visible and depending on which entities are selected extra tabs will be displayed, allowing you to edit the properties of each type of entity.

Entity Inspector - Common

The Common tab will allow you to change the palette of the selected entities, using the options from the Action drop-down list:

  • Current palette group only - the palette list only shows palettes from the current palette group
  • Use current palette - change the palette of the selected entities to the current palette
  • Rebridge entities - after changing the palette
  • Deselect after change
  • Recurse into sub-blocks
  • Clear secondary palettes - as well as changing the primary palette, make the secondary palette blank

The tab will also display the extents of the selected entities together with the number of each type of entity that is selected.

If there is a linked stripper layer this will be displayed as well.

Context menu

The Right Click context menu contains the following items:

  • Tab Position - Choose your preferred location for the menu tabs, from Left, Right, Top and Bottom
  • Text Labels - Toggle this option on or off to display or hide the text portion of the menu tab labels
  • Default - Toggle this option on or off to make the current page the default when the displayed pages change (only available for the Common page)

> 3D Common
> 3D Camera
> 3D Faces
> 3D Light
> Advanced
> Arc
> Bezier
> Block Insert
> Design Component Anchor
> Dimension
> Graphic
> Line
> Face
> Profile Rubber
> Report Drawing Area
> Report Group
> Symbol
> Text

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