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3D Faces

This tab allows you to modify the front and back material settings of one or more selected 3D faces.


Entity Inspector - 3D Faces


From the drop-down list choose either Front Material or Back Material.



Enter the required scale factor.


Choose either Horizontal or Vertical.



Enter the required (x,y) offset.


Enter the required (x,y) size.


Enter the required angle of rotation.


Select the required mirror options.

Fit to model extents

Press this button to recalculate the Artwork settings to match the size of the model.



From the pulldown list choose NoneManual or Automatic.

First Curve

The First Curve is the primary curve for any curved surface and is always present. In the 3D layer the First Curve is highlighted green by default. The controls for the first curve are as follows:


This will start the Select Curve tool and the user can then highlight entities on folding models to use to curve the selected faces. On the Edit Bar is a Group checkbox which either enables selection of individual entities or groups of entities (groups are defined as entities with the same palette, of the same palette type or associated with the same faces).


This will invert the curve from its current state.


This will mirror the curve from left to right.


This will clear the curve resulting in a flat surface.


This is the angle of curve as though it has been tilted about its end points (90 degrees results in the full curve height being used and 0 degrees results in no curvature).


If selected then the First Curve will be used over the entire surface.

Second Curve

The Second Curve is optional and allows more complex curved surfaces to be created by blending between the two curves. To enable the second curve the Link checkbox must be deselected and then the same controls as above are enabled.

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