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Entity Inspector - Face

Face Angle:

This is the face angle associated with this entity. Use the Clear button to remove the angle.

Face Angle Variable:

This is a list of all angle type variables associated with the current project. Use the Clear button to remove the variable.

Dependent Face

Switch this option on if the angle depends on another one. This will automatically clear the Face Angle and Face Angle Variable fields.



From the pulldown list choose NoneAutomatic or Manual.

In Automatic mode the only controls available are the Fixed Angle and if this is selected the Angle of the curve. If Fixed Angle is selected then any curvature which is being performed automatically for open-ended faces (faces which are not attached to other faces on their opposite side) will use the Angle value for the curvature on the opposite side. This allows, for instance, fully folded models to be closed instead of their open-ended faces having the same curvature applied uniformly.

In Manual mode this will override any Automatic curvature for a face and the following controls will be enabled:


This is the rotation of the bounds of the Curved Surface Modifier surrounding the face.


If selected then direction is relative to the fold axis of the face, otherwise it is an absolute angle.


The sweep angle of the curve stretched over the bounds of the Curve Surface Modifier at the given angle which determines how shallow the curve will be. In many cases the sweep can be inspected from an arc or Bezier entity in the layer and that value directly set here.


By default the curvature goes towards the outside of the face unless this option is selected.

Adjacent Face

If selected then the face leading to the face being curved will also be curved but with the opposite inversion so that the two faces will match.


This specifies if the curve is part of the face as opposed to being used simply to ‘drape’ the face over the curve. If selected then scaling will be applied to the face and the curve will be centred on the Fold Axis.


This specifies the angle of the curve effectively tilting the curve about the Fold Axis. A 90 degrees angle would be the full height of the curve and 0 degrees would result in no curvature. Often this angle can be set to be the same as the face's angle.

Fixed Angle

This option is only available if Type has been set to Automatic. Switch it on to enable the Fixed Angle field.


This is the equivalent angle, except it only applies to Automatic mode.

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