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Report Group

A Data Repeater Report Group must be added to the report template. This is the primary report group that determines how repeated data should be generated and displayed.

Currently only a single Data Repeater report group can be used within each Template drawing, but this may change in the future.

Report Group

Is a report group

Switch this option on or off as required.


From the drop-down list choose from the following: Data Repeater, Data Repeater Header, Data Repeater Footer, Page Header or Page Footer.

Report Area

The Data Repeater Report Group should be associated with a report template drawing area within the report template. The report template drawing area can either be visible or invisible.

This option is only available for Data Repeater, Data Repeater Header and Data Repeater Footer types. Choose the required report area from the drop-down list.

Construction Palette

If you want to have a border around the report group then simply add entities such as lines or a rectangle to represent the border.

If you don’t want a border you should still use entities to represent the group size then set the Construction Palette to match the palette of those entities. When the Report Group is used it will first calculate the extents and then delete all construction entities.

You should ensure that any entities that you want to keep do NOT use the construction palette.

Data Connector

This option is only available for Data Repeater type groups. From the drop-down list choose a registered Data Connector, such as Arden.XmlDataConnector, Arden.PalettesUseDataConnector or Arden.DocumentsDataConnector.

By assigning a data connector to a report group the drawing layer from the associated report template drawing area will automatically be assigned to the data connector.


This button is only available for Data Repeater type groups. It opens the Data Connector Arguments form where you can then set appropriate arguments for the data connector. You can paste arguments that you have set up while testing the data connector.

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