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This tab allows you to modify the wording, style or position of one or more text entities.

Entity Inspector - Text


From the drop-down list of defined text styles choose the required one.


From the drop-down list choose a new text font.


From the drop-down list choose Left, Centre, Right or Justify.

Text Editor

Press this button to open the Text Editor form, which allows you to change any of the properties of the selected text.

Alternatively, you can alter the text string by simply typing a new value in the box below.


Enter the required anchor point.


Enter the required character height.


Enter the required character width (not available for True-type fonts).


Enter the required text angle.


This option is only available for text entities that have been created with the Text - Between two points tool. This forces the angle of the text to be the same as the angle between the two points. Switch the option off to remove that constraint.


From the drop-down list select Die-face, Print-face or Always readable. (These terms could be different, depending on the Terminology in use.


Select the mirror options as required.


Switch this option on to force the text entity to be contained within a bounding box, the size of which is specified below. This option is not available if Constrained is switched on.

Bound height

Enter the height of the bounding box.

Bound width

Enter the width of the bounding box.

Word wrapping

When the text is constrained to a bounding box, switch this option on to enable word-wrapping. If the option is switched off then words will be split to enable the text to exactly fit to the width of the box.

Vertical align

From the drop-down box select Top, Centre or Bottom.

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