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This tab allows you to manipulate inserted graphics, embed graphics and acquire new graphic images.

Impact Explorer - Graphics

Each graphic in the current drawing is shown as a thumbnail, together with its size, whether it is an embedded or linked image (linked images are indicated by their path name) and the number of graphics entities referencing the image.

The right click context menu gives you these options:

  • View - Choose Small, Normal or Large
  • Reload - Choose a different graphic image
  • Delete - Remove the selected image from the drawing
  • Embed - Convert to embedded graphic
  • Convert to a linked image
  • Export - Export the image to a file (*.jpg, *.png etc.)
  • Add to Documents - Add this image to the project documents (embedded graphics will need to be extracted first)
  • Project Documents - Display all the documents associated with this project
  • Purge Unreferenced Images - Switch the option on or off. Any unreferenced images will be purged at this point as well.
  • Update link - Reload the linked image. This option is not available for embedded images.
  • Refresh - Reload all linked images and refresh the list
  • Switch to one of the other Impact Explorer pages
  • Properties - Display the image properties

See also Graphics

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