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Plot Form

The Plot Tool allows you to send the current drawing to a plotter or other NC machine, either directly through a port of the workstation, or over the network perhaps via a Windows print queue or to a file which is then processed by a front-end controller on the plotter.

You must have machine and post processor Master Tool Settings configured for your plotter (see Machine Attributes MTS).

On starting the tool, the Plot form appears, allowing you to choose the appropriate Machine and Post Processor Master Tool Settings and to make overrides.

If the Feedrates Required option has been selected for the current machine then the feedrate table can be chosen from the pulldown list.

On completing this form, the tool creates an Intermediate drawing containing only those entities to be output. These entities are then translated into a format that is understood by the NC machine and then they are output. 

Some of the following pages will be available, depending on machine settings such as the driver.

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