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Zund Sheet Detection

Plot - Zund Sheet Detection

This page will only be available if the Zund Sheet Detection Sensor option has been selected in the Plotter Machine Options.

Calibrate sheet detection sensor

Press this button to calibrate the Zund sheet detection system.

After pressing this button Impact will send commands to the Zund plotter causing a small square to be cut out using tool 1. The operator will then be prompted to remove the cut-out from the board. Commands are then sent to the plotter causing the laser pointer to pass over two sides of the square. Impact will read the coordinates of the points where the laser pointer crossed the sides and calculate the offset distance between tool 1 and the laser pointer.



Enter the approximate offset from tool 1 to the laser pointer in these fields before doing the calibration. After the calibration has been done, Impact will enter the exact values into these fields.

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