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Intermediate Drawing

The Intermediate project (often referred to as Intermediate Drawing) is generated by the Plot Tool. Using the options in the Post Processor MTS, such as Palette Sequence, Output Bridges, Optimisation, Pocketing, Orientation etc. the Intermediate Project will contain only the geometry that is going to be output to the machine.

If the post processor option Pause before output has been selected then the Intermediate project will be displayed before being output. This gives you the opportunity to review the geometry.

A limited number of tools are available for the Intermediate project. These include the Select tools, Ordered draw tool, Enquire tools and Visibility tools. The Edit>Transform>Kink a Line tool is also available, but this is only allowed to operate on Move entities (See section on Post-Processors - Output).

If you aren't happy with the Intermediate project then you can press the Cancel button to prevent output to the machine. This gives you the opportunity to make alterations to the original drawing or the Master Tool Settings before restarting the Plot Tool.

When the Intermediate project appears to be correct you can press the Accept button to start the process of sending the data to the machine.

The Intermediate project can be saved and re-plotted at a later time. If this is done, then the same Master Tool Settings that were used to create the Intermediate drawing will be used to plot it.

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