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Impact Document Provider Settings

This form can be reached from the Documents page of Database Installation settings. From here you can configure the behaviour of the Impact Document Provider

Document Provider Settings - Options


Document Storage - choose whether the documents are stored on your file system, or within the Impact database as BLOB (binary large object) data. You should make your choice before adding any documents, otherwise those documents will all have to be migrated (using the BLOB Conversion Wizard), which can be a slow process.

Maximum Document Size - you can specify a maximum document size to be saved in the database. If you set this value to be greater than 100MB then you will be issued with a warning that some database drivers will not function correctly with such large document BLOBs. Set to zero from no maximum document size.

Store large documents as files - if you anticipate having a problem with large documents you can choose to save any documents larger than the specified size as files.

Document Versions - choose whether document revision numbers will be a single (major) number, or a pair (major.minor). 

Document Provider Settings - Document Types

Document Types 

You can define any number of Document Types, and for each you can set which database columns are appropriate for this type. The data is stored in custom columns within the DOCUMENT table.

For example, size values (columns DC_WIDTH, DC_HEIGHT) are appropriate for an image document, but for a Word document you may wish to store the author and title of the document.

Type Key - shows a list of keys (character strings) that identify the existing Document Types. Press Delete to remove the currently-displayed item, or Add to add a new document type.

Name - a user-friendly description for this type.

Excluded - a list of certain protected internal DOCUMENT columns that you may want to be excluded from a particular document type.

Column Name / Data Type - tick those columns that are to be used for the displayed document type.

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