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Thumbnail Images

Database Installation - Thumbnail Images

Thumbnail Images

The Project Browser can be configured to show small "thumbnail" images for projects, templates, and symbols. This is achieved by storing the thumbnail inside each drawing file.

Store thumbnail images with drawing files

Switch this option on to enable the storage of thumbnails. (All new save operations will be affected automatically.)

Image size

Enter values between 16 and 256 pixels for the width and height.


Choose the number of colours to store.

Approximate image size

This is calculated from the Image size and Resolution. Each drawing file size will be increased by this amount.

Generate thumbnails for drawings that don't have one

If this option is switched on then all projects, templates and symbols will be read and re-saved with a thumbnail. This operation may require a significant time to complete.

Database Thumbnail Images

Thumbnail images can also be stored in optional columns in the Impact database. This is achieved by adding a DRAWINGS.D_THUMB and/or a SYMBOLS.S_THUMB picture column to this database, which will cause drawing thumbnails to be generated when items are saved. By adding a LAYERS.L_THUMB picture column to this database, layer thumbnails will be generated when projects are updated.

From v12 onwards, Impact will always utilise the thumbnails columns where present, regardless of caching or low speed connection options configured on a workstation.

WARNING: Adding LAYERS.L_THUMB can be detrimental to performance when saving drawings, and should only be added if the thumbnails are intended to be used by an external application, as Impact will not utilise them whether present or not.

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