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Smart match customer CFF2 files

Compares the customer name from within the imported CFF2 file to the Smart Match Name from the Import/Export settings, to automatically determine the correct Master Tool Settings to use.


Enable character mapping

Switch this option on to enable character mapping and make the character mapping table active. Character mappings are used in the Plotter Machine Attributes MTS, in the Main programme header and Subroutine header fields. A mapping is used to replace a character in either a project name or block name with a string of characters. This may need to be done if output is being sent to a controller (laser, plotter etc) that does not support certain special characters. For instance, you might need to replace a 'Ä' character with 'AE'.


Press this button to add a new character mapping using the Character Mapping form.


Press this button to change the mapping for the highlighted entry.


Press this button to delete the highlighted entry.

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