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Window Caption Formats

These options allow you to customise the text on the Impact windows and on the Windows Taskbar.

Project Title

This is the title for the drawing. It is present only when a drawing is open.

Main Title

This is the main title bar.

Taskbar Title

This is the taskbar title when no drawings are open.

Taskbar Projects

This is the taskbar title when one or more drawings are open.

There are a number of substitution codes that are available for use with the above display options. The substitution codes which are currently valid, followed by an example or explanation of each, are:

 <%USER>e.g. "Support" 
 <%VERSION>e.g. "11.0" 
 <%VERSION_NAME>e.g. "2019" 
 <%PRODUCT>e.g. "Impact" 
 <%APPLICATION_NAME>e.g. "Impact" 
 <%DRAWING_NAME>As saved in the database, e.g. "Autolayout" 
 <%DRAWING_TYPE>e.g. "Project", "Standard", "Design component" etc. 
 <%WINDOW_ID>When you have several windows open, this is a numeric identifier, e.g. "1"
 <%LAYER>The current layer name, e.g. "Layout" 
 <%ACTUAL_FACE>Depending on your chosen Terminology, the programmed face, e.g. "Print-face" 
 <%VIEWED_FACE>Terminology dependent, e.g. "Die-face" 
 <%DIE_FACE>Terminology dependent again, e.g. "(Mirror actual)"
 <%DRAWING_CODE>The project code, as defined in the database, e.g. "P001715" 
 Any database table and column enclosed in square brackets, for example [LAYERS.L_CODE].


Main Title and Taskbar Title allow only the following substitution codes:


Project Title and Taskbar Projects allow all the codes.

Any free form text can also be entered to customise the Title and Taskbar.

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