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Standards - Options

Impact Standards

Standards Folder

Use the Selector button  to specify the database folder for the standards (this will be a sub-folder below Projects).

Check working projects for user running standard

If this option is switched on when running a standard then Impact will check to see if you have a working project. If you have, then this project will be used for the standard.

Specifically, this option should only be enabled when you are developing standards. It adds an extra check to ensure that the standard that's being run is the latest available in the database, installed or in-progress.

Design Components Folder

Use the Selector button  to specify the database folder for design components (this will be a sub-folder below Symbols).

Choose from one of the following Template options:

  • Use the following Standard Template
  • Prompt the user for the template to use

Then use the appropriate Selector button  to choose either the actual template to use or the default template with which to prompt the user.

Let the user confirm the layers being created

Switch this option on to force the Standard Layer form to be displayed each time a new layer is created by a standard.

Variable Options

Variable Reset hotkey

Enter the hotkey you wish to use to undo any changes you've made to variable values when running a standard.

Variable overridden colour

Choose the colour to display when a variable has been overridden. This colour will be used as the background for entry fields that have been changed and are available for resetting.

Automated Tasks

Go to Auto Tasks

Press this button to jump to the Options - Database Installation - Automation page.

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