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Enable additional options to maximise the display of 3D scenes:

32-bit depth-buffer - provides a performance boost when displaying 3D layers, by allowing the management of object-depth coordinates to be controlled by hardware (graphics card), as opposed to software.

Dithering - improves apparent colour depth by mixing the colours on-screen to display a larger range of colour than is normally achieved.

Antialiasing - reduces high-frequency noice and jagged edges.

                                             3D scene without and with Antialiasing enabled

Accelerate Shaders - shaders are cached for an Impact session and this brings a performance boost when displaying 3D layers via dedicated graphics cards. When integrated graphics hardware is being used however, it may be preferable to uncheck this feature.

Transparency depth writes - this option is recommended for semi-opaque materials. It should improve the transparency where multiple transparent objects overlap.

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