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These options are part of the Workstation specific settings. 

The options are arranged as follows:

Workstation - Options


User must always provide Login ID and Password

Switch this option on to disable the Save Password option of the login Connect form.

Enable Impact Debug Logging

Debug logging can be useful when sporadic problems occur - it can help to track down the cause. It is recommended that you leave this disabled unless Impact technical support or your distributor suggests otherwise. When used, a file called "Debug.log" is created in a local folder, as shown in the message below the option. 

Rename and save Debug Log file when it reaches maximum size

Switch this option on to cause the debug file to be renamed when it reaches the specified size. A new file will then be automatically created.

Clear Debug Log when Impact is started

This option can be used to ensure the log file does not get too large.

Clear Log File Now

Press this button to empty the file immediately.

Open Log Folder

Press this button to open the debug log location in a new window.

Open Debug Log Window

Press this button to open the debug log in an Impact window. This allows you to see log information as it is being written.

Licence Server

Use Licence Server

This option allows the connection of many workstations to one Licence Server application running on a server, which will allocate licences until all are in use.

Server Address

Specify IP addresses of one or more servers which are running the Licence Server software. If there is more than one IP address they need to be separated by semi-colons.


Specify the port for which this traffic has been allocated. The default setting of 3,000 is generally suitable for most users, although it will depend upon your Windows firewall settings. 

Auto-Allocate if licences available

Switch this option on to automatically allocate licences in the following situation:

  • No local licence is detected;
  • A single primary licence exists (and no secondary licences);
  • The user is allocated one or more permanent licences (as set up in the Licence Server).

Enable debug logging to 'licence.log'

Switch this option on to create a log for licence activity.

Screen Calibration

If you wish to use the Zoom To Actual tool, where the on-screen design reflects the true size, then you must first calibrate your screen. This provides a mapping between screen pixels and drawing units. 

Press the Calibrate Screen button to perform the screen calibration operation. 

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